First Defense Nasal Screens profiled on Shark Tank

Joseph K. Moore and his company First Defense Nasal Screens were profiled on this week’s episode of Shark Tank. Moore’s invention is simple – it’s an inexpensive, adhesive nasal filter that the user applies to the exterior of their nose. Moore filed for patent protection in October 2007. (Patent Application Number 11/928,226, based on U.S. Provisional Application No. 60/855,711.)  As he explains there, his invention is:

A respiratory nasal filter comprising:

an outer ring having concentric outer periphery and inner periphery sized to the periphery of a user’s nasal orifice;

a filter layer having an outer periphery larger than the inner periphery of the outer ring, but smaller than the outer periphery of the outer ring; and

an adhesive applied to said outer ring for bonding the filter layer concentrically to the outer ring and for bonding the outer ring to the columella, a nasal sill, an alar sidewall and the facet of the user’s nose.

Here’s Moore demonstrating the First Defense Nasal Screen:


The company’s website claims that the screens “reduce respiratory exposure to viruses, germs, flu’s, colds, bacteria, dust, pollen, pollutants, contaminants, second hand smoke and carcinogens.”  I don’t know if these claims have been scientifically verified, but the idea seems to have some potential.

One customer testimonial on the company’s website reads:

“I used First Defense Nasal Screenstm during the smoke and haze of the recent fires and they helped tremendously. Unlike a full-faced mask that tends to fog my glasses, your product does not cover my whole face and is surprisingly inconspicuous. After the first few minutes, I completely forgot I had them on. Thanks!”

Letter Carrier,
United States Postal Service

Makes sense.  I can imagine these things being useful in disaster situations, in workplaces with airborne particle issues, in certain military settings, etc.

The Sharks saw potential as well, with Robert Herjavec offering $4 million plus a 10% royalty for a 100% stake in the company. Moore ultimately declined Herjavec’s offer, choosing to instead go with a competing offer that left him with a larger ownership share.


  1. Debbie Miles says:

    This is my first time using them and I can’t seem to get a good fit on one nostril. Will these come in differen sizes?

  2. Dee Flora says:

    I am 81 years old and as a child I used a nose filter for my severe allergies. This type of product has been around for a long time now. It did not work for me as a child so good luck!


    • JG says:

      This new type treated filter is much better than anything you had 60-70 years ago which was probably a cotton ball shoved up your nose.

  3. Marie says:

    I think it would be great for pet groomers and those with allergies. I’m willing to try them and if they work i will be purchasing many more.

  4. Jason perez says:

    Hey, i got a great idea…… Make them black! so its looks like a normal nostril. :)

    • Aidan Pite says:

      I think that would just make it look like you’ve got some abnormal growth thing going on…

      I think these are a great idea. My mom suffers from terrible hayfever during the spring and early summer months, it gets so bad even the cats (which she has no problem with the rest of the year) will set her off. These are brilliant and, if they work, should help her fantastically.

      • John says:

        Horrible idea. With the adhesive, black coloring would make you look so deformed, something this product already does…This is a great product that will make Moore a lot of $$.

  5. Julia says:

    Would like to try a pair when travelling to Europe for all the second hand smoke as I just finished cancer treatments. Does London drugs or any other drug store in bc sell them? Don’t have time to wait for mail order.

  6. Juanita Harris says:

    This is a first for me. I have a petroleum sensitivity where coming in contact with VOCs; diesel fumes, car fumes, gas fumes, perfumes, cigarette smoke, floor polish, fertilizer, asphalt, tar and the list goes on and on. Just one breathe of the offending fume triggers my throat to seize, causing incredible tightness, a horrible voice change, pain not only in my throat but in my chest and my head. To complicate matters, I have chronic pancreatitis that won’t allow me to take prednisone, anti-inflammatories, inhalers etc that others can use. I am desperate to find something that would allow me to have just a slight chance at living a normal life. I have been to the ER many times because my throat would close.

    Does your product filter VOCs? I would appreciate your response.

  7. Charles Carlisle says:

    Hey Joe I am a superintendant with a large construction company you visited in 2007 to help you get these off the ground ,seen ya on shark tank thought you handled yourself very good with those guys. Just thought I would let you know you made it, by the way I still have some of the samples you left me that day, so congrads live long and prosper. Your friend Charlie

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