Onesole Interchangeable Shoes on Shark Tank

onesoleWhen I saw pharmacist Dominique McClain Barteet presenting her Onesole interchangeable shoe invention on Shark Tank, the first thing I thought was, “Hmm, where have I seen this before?”  Then I remembered – USA Network’s now-dead show Made in the USA featured a collapsible and interchangeable shoe idea back in 2004. On the USA show, the inventors were Quintana Kemp and Jessica Prasse, both pharmaceutical reps.  Their company, Quintana Karena, seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird, while Barteet’s Onesole has thrived.

This leaves me with a lot of questions.  Are the inventions related?  Do the inventors know each other?  Why did one company thrive while the other died?  More importantly, what is it with pharmaceutical-industry professionals and the invention of interchangeable shoes?

The Onesole company has racked up impressive worldwide sales, and holds a number of US Patents on various aspects of their invention.  Interestingly, the patent on their base product, “Interchangeable shoe assembly,” still hasn’t issued, despite being filed in 2002


1. A footwear assembly, comprising:

a base member in the form of a human foot and generally defined by upper and lower surfaces separated by a peripheral edge, the peripheral edge including a front surface, a rear surface, a left surface and a right surface;

an upper member releasably attachable to said base member proximate to the front surface thereof, the upper member having an upper surface and a lower surface; and
decorative indicia provided on the upper surface of said upper member,
wherein, a foot-receiving opening is defined between the upper surface of said base member and the lower surface of said upper member.


A CIP was also filed in 2007.

You can purchase shoes and a boatload of shoe tops on Onesole’s website. And if you’re a really big fan, you can also buy accessories ranging from shoe-top hangers to hats embroidered with the company’s clever logo. (Think: “Quick-Change Artist”)

The shoes are also available on Amazon.

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