Qubits Construction Toy Featured on Shark Tank

Architect and Inventor Mark Burginger pitched his Qubits construction toy on Season 1 of ABC’s Shark Tank. Billed as “The Construction Toy of the Future,” Burginger describes Qubits as a building-block toy superior to others on the market because if its ability to form curved structures.


Burginger’s invention is disclosed in US Patent #7036277, titled “Modular building element.”  The patent doesn’t limit itself to the realm of toys – as described, these modular building elements could be used to build, well, buildings. 

A versatile modular building element, made from the agglutination of three pairs of symmetrical prisms in three overlapping tiers, provides an arched component that can be congruently meshed with a similar one in several different ways. The prism may have rectangular or obliquely parallelogrammic sides or a combination of both while keeping their triangular end walls equilateral and side walls of the same width allowing for up to eight different configurations of the building element. Elements of the same or different types can be combined to construct and infinite variety of structures exhibiting high compressive strength, stability and resistance to multi-directional stresses.

The Sharks initially appeared uninterested, pointing out that market leader Lego has distribution all but locked up for modular building block type toys. The Sharks were also dismayed that Burginger had sunk his life savings into his invention but had failed to approach any existing toy manufacturers about distribution or licensing deals. 

In the end, Daymond John cut a deal with Burginger, contingent on the pair striking a deal with one of the “Big Four” toy manufacturers. Personally, I hope things work out, because I would love to pick up a few sets for my yet-unborn kids. This is exactly the type of “brainy” toy that I would have spent hours with as a child.

Qubits toys are available for purchase at Amazon.com.

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  1. Hi, thanks for the write-up. Yes the geometry can be scaled up for the creation of modular building elements in real world construction. Please direct purchasers of Qubits to our http://www.Qubits.com web site where they can find the Discovery Toys web site and purchase the improved second generation product.

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