Ride-on Carry-on Travel Stroller Featured on Shark Tank

Having trouble keeping track of both your kids and your luggage while rushing through the airport?  Don’t want to send the bag or the child through baggage claim?  Here’s an idea: why not strap your kid to your luggage?  This way, you’ll only have to keep track of a single item instead of two.

That’s what inventors Randy and Darryl Lenz think you should do, as they demonstrated on Season 2, Episode 4 of Shark Tank. The Lenz’s invention, the Ride-on Carry-on, is described as a “Child seat attachable to a suitcase” in US Patent 6,241,313. Though to my eye, “miniature lawn-chair strapped to a suitcase” might have been a more accurate title.


The inventors told the Sharks that Business Week chose the Ride-on Carry-on as one of their Top 25 Best New Products of the Year a “few years ago.”  Barbara Corcoran excitedly jumped at the deal, calling the invention was brilliant.

If she believes that, she’d better get started right away – the Lenz’s filed for patent protection in 2000, meaning that their 20 year period of exclusivity had already run over half its course.

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