Würkin Stiffs “Power Stays” keep your shirt collar in place with magnets

ABC’s Shark Tank is back for its second season, and the first episode introduced us designer Jonathan Boos.  Boos and his company “Wurkin Stiffs” have invented a novel way of keeping a shirt collar in place – namely, magnetic collar stays.


Boos received this patent in 2008 for a “Method and apparatus for keeping a shirt collar aligned and fastened.” 

1. Slide the stainless steel collar stay into the collar stay pocket of a collar;

2. Position the magnetic disk inside of the front of the shirt; and attach or connect the collar stay and the magnetic disk using the magnetic attraction properties of the disk

As someone who wears his fair share of button up shirts, I think the invention is useful.  Not something I would use every day, but nice to have around when I need it.

It looks like Power Stays use neodymium magnets to keep your collar in place, so the risk of losing the magnetic backing are probably minimal.  (And if you do lose one, it’ll just fall into your tucked in shirt, right?) 

The patent describes a method of using the Power Stays on a shirt without collar stay pockets, but it involves using an adhesive backing that I can’t imagine being very durable.  Thankfully, most shirts have collar stay pockets, so this should be a non-issue for most people.

At $19.99 per pair, Power Stays are a bit on the pricey side, in my opinion.  Still, I’ll probably pick up a couple pairs.  They are available online at Amazon.com

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