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Issued Patents (2005 and newer)

2006-03-28#7020754Method and system for maintaining data integrity using dual write operations
2006-03-07#7010622Scalable communication within a distributed system using dynamic communication trees
2006-02-21#7003433Apparatus and method for event correlation and problem reporting
2006-01-24#6990520System and method for managing computer networks
2005-12-20#D0513007Front panel for an electronic cabinet
2005-11-29#6971090Common Information Model (CIM) translation to and from Windows Management Interface (WMI) in client server environment
2005-11-08#6963905System and method including a communication interface for transferring information between at least two processes
2005-09-06#6941429System and method for improving performance of a data backup operation
2005-08-23#6934724Methods and apparatus for reducing resource contention in parallel data backup processes
2005-06-21#6910145Data transmission across asynchronous clock domains
2005-05-17#6895418Versatile indirection in an extent based file system
2005-04-19#6883072Memory system and method of using same
2005-02-22#6859894System and method for risk management of errors in software program code
2005-02-01#6851019Swapping data storage volumes
2005-01-11#6842843Digital data storage subsystem including arrangement for increasing cache memory addressability
2005-01-04#6839763System and method for expediting transfer of data from a local storage facility to a remote storage facility
2005-01-04#6839750Single management point for a storage system or storage area network