How Long Does it Take to Hear Back From the Patent Office After Applying to Take the Exam?

The PTO isn’t known for their speed in turning things around.  The turnaround time for applicants applying to take the Patent Bar Examination is pretty quick, though. 

Currently, “Category A” applicants are hearing back within 2-3 weeks, and “Category B” applicants are reporting turnaround times between 3 and 6 weeks.  The speed of the Category B turnaround seems to be tied to how clearly your coursework qualifies you to sit for the exam.  If you easily qualify under one of the four options, expect a shorter turnaround.  However, if the PTO needs to take time to verify your coursework, expect a longer wait.

If you’re a Category C applicant, good luck.  Please let me know your turn around time and I will share it here.

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