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That’s right, I’ve gone and created a Small Entity Patent Bar Exam Simulation package.  Why, you ask?  Because all of the other software out there isn’t very good

I took this exam a few months ago and was really disappointed with the existing software.  Some packages required me to be online when taking a practice exam, or ran their software in a browser window.  Others wanted me to pay to have my exams graded, each and every time I took a practice exam. Other popular software had drawbacks – the window wasn’t resizable, I couldn’t make the text larger, I couldn’t copy-and-paste, I couldn’t re-take the same exam without deleting the data from the last time I took the exam.  I found it all pretty frustrating, so I decided to create a Patent Bar Exam Study package the right way.


  • Contains USPTO released exams from 2000-2003, with explanations.  800 questions in total.
  • Similar look and feel to the software you will use on exam day.
  • Text is selectable and resizeable. Both the exam window and MPEP window are resizeable.
  • Integrated MPEP viewer allows one-click access to the MPEP.  Choose MPEP sections from a handy drop-down list, just like you will on exam day.
  • Take a test in exam mode where you’ll be timed, or choose the un-timed “Study Mode” setting that allows you to view each answer and explanation immediately.
  • Suspend an exam and return to finish it later.
  • Take each exam as many times as you want. There’s no additional charge to have your exam graded, and the software will allow you to go back and reference all of your past exam sessions. The grading takes place on your computer, on demand. You do not need to be online to use this software. (Though you will have to be online for the initial software activation process.)


  • Runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • You’ll need to have the free Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your system in order to view MPEP sections. The integrated PDF viewer uses the Acrobat plugin to display PDF files.  If you don’t want to install Acrobat Reader, that’s fine – you can still use the software, you just won’t have access to the MPEP.


  • Purchasing this software allows you (and only you) to take as many exams as you want, as many times as you want, for as long as you want. You are allowed to install this software on up to two (2) computers. The software will not time out. You do not need to be online to use the software, but you will need to be online for initial software activation. (We verify your license key upon installation.)


Main Screen:  From here you can take a new exam, continue a past exam, review a completed exam, or access the MPEP for out-of-exam study purposes.  (You can also access the MPEP from within the exam.)

12-7-2010 12-09-34 PM


Take a new exam: Shows you a list of available exams, as well as the number of time you’ve taken each, your high score, and your average score.  From this screen you can choose “Exam Mode”, in which you’ll be timed, or you can choose to take the exam in “Study Mode” where you’ll have the opportunity to view the correct answer and explanation after each question.

12-7-2010 12-56-13 PM

When taking the exam in “Exam Mode,” you’ll see a timer counting down in the upper right corner.  You’ll see a handy MPEP button that allows MPEP access. You can resize the text using the +/- buttons, and you can resize the whole window by simply dragging the edge, as you would any other Windows application.

12-7-2010 11-45-04 AM

Resize the text!

12-7-2010 11-45-25 AM

Resize the whole screen!

12-7-2010 11-46-47 AM 12-7-2010 11-46-21 AM


Mark Questions that you’d like to return to later using the “Mark Question / Unmark Question” toggle button.  Skip to the next marked question using the “Next Marked” button.

12-7-2010 11-54-46 AM

Access the MPEP by hitting the “MPEP” button.  When you do, a second screen will appear and you’ll be able to choose the section you want to access via a drop-down menu.  The MPEP window is fully resizable, just like the examination window.

12-7-2010 11-50-53 AM

Though pictured alone above, the MPEP window appears on top of the exam window.  If you have a large enough screen, you can view the two side-by-side.  When you’re done viewing the MPEP, simply hit the “Close MPEP window” button. When you later return to the MPEP, it will display the page you last viewed.  In other words, it’ll be exactly how you left it.


Suspend the exam if you’d like to take a break. 

12-7-2010 11-55-09 AM

When you decide to resume the exam, you’ll be able to choose from a list of all your suspended exams.  The listing will show you the date and time that the exam was started, and the type of exam you are taking – “Exam Mode” or “Study Mode.”

12-7-2010 1-25-33 PM

Review your past completed exams.  The listing shows the exam complete date, title, the number you got correct, and lists your score.

12-7-2010 12-56-42 PM

As you page through your completed exam, you’ll see the answer you chose, the correct answer will be bolded, and the answer explanation will be displayed below the exam question.  You can highlight any of this text and copy (using CTRL-C) for easy pasting into your notes or outline.  (This is the same screen you can optionally view if taking a test in “Study Mode".)

12-7-2010 12-03-00 PM


I hope these screenshots have given you an idea of what to expect from the Small Entity Patent Bar Exam Simulation software.

The best way to prepare for this exam is to take as many past exams as you possibly can, simulating the actual testing environment as best you can.  Small Entity’s software will help you do both.

Buy it now for just $29.95.


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