Kraft Foods takes exception to Teacher’s “Kick the KD” program

In the US, we call it “Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner,” or “Mac and Cheese.”  In Canada, the same product is known simply as “Kraft Dinner,” or “KD” for short.

Seems that a college professor has run afoul of Kraft’s legal department with his healthy-cooking class entitled “Kick the KD.” 


Kraft’s legal department took exception to Dan Clapson’s implication that “KD” isn’t nutritious, and sent a letter directing him to remove the “KD” from his program materials.  Kraft is leaning on their “KD” trademark for support.

Rather than pick a fight with a billion-dollar corporation, Clapson has relented, and is now searching for a new name for his program. He’s taking suggestions here.

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